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Dance competition with heart

International Dance Competition STAGE is an organization and one of the most prestigious cultural events, with a main focus to provide opportunities for students to compete on stage. Our vision is to create a welcoming, positive and professional atmosphere for dancers to perform, forming memories in a competitive healthy surrounding with dancers from all around the world.

International Dance Competition STAGE aims to bring in dancers for them to gain opportunities to meet and network with the best dance stage, dance friends, and dance professionals as well as receive awards and scholarships from world-renowned ballet schools, competitions, and festivals.

Our event is more than just a competition, we strive for a nurturing and encouraging experience that dancers will take with them forever. Stage promotes a friendly and supportive environment for all competitors.

We look forward to meeting all of the wonderful dancers, studio owners, teachers, and parents at our Stage IDC!

- Tamara Gjurchinovska,
Founder, Director and Producer of International Dance Competition STAGE

Beautiful Central Location!

National Opera and Ballet

The narrowest city center area on the left bank of the river Vardar has one of the most representative objects of modern architecture, the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. This extraordinary work by the architects from the young Slovenian office Biro 71 was influenced by Finnish organic architecture and was inspired by natural elements, such as mountains and topographic reliefs.

White Landscape

The Macedonian National Opera and Ballet is a multidisciplinary object, from which comes its complex program and form. The object has a cultural value and is itself a sculpture with a strong expressive and dramatic character. It is emphasized by the total absence of color and the sense of massiveness that the concrete gives us, forming a new white landscape incorporated into the tissue of the city.

Designed for a net area of 16,000 m², it is intended to provide working spaces for the Drama (founded in 1945), the Opera (founded in 1947), and the Ballet (founded in 1948). The building is divided into a section for visitors and a working part, which unite the stage and the theater. The building is accessed from the south side through the pedestrian platform or from the underground parking lot.

The object as an architecture before its time causes a series of contradictory reactions and is one of the most controversial objects built in the post-earthly rebuilding of the city because it is largely different from the social, cultural, and physical image of the environment. It can be seen as the precursor to deconstructionism in architecture and the concept of architecture as topography.

Biro 71 took this organic approach to a whole new level by designing a massive complex of cultural buildings next to Skopje’s River. The Yugoslav government built only a third of what they envisaged, which today still stands: the Macedonian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Esteemed Judging Panel

Stage competition will be judged by a team of professionals, experienced, and well-known in the dance world. It’s a professional jury – choreographers, teachers, and famous dancers.

Judging Panel

The best STAGE staff team

Stage STAFF dream team! You will meet our staff “STAGE”, and they will guide you throughout your stage experience. Our staff team will assist you and cheer you, ensuring that your dancers are on time, feel special, and are recognized for their accomplishments. The STAGE staff is comprised of current and former dancers from many facets of the industry, and they are here to help your studio and students to be the best they can be!

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Skopje - Capital City

Skopje is a city that never stops breathing in the urban, modern, traditional and cultural rhythm. It is a city offering much for all types of tourists, and Macedonia into one cohesive, dynamic, and comprised blend. Skopje is a lively destination that offers a variety of activities, satisfying anyone’s taste and style. A city of immense contrasts and an almost audible clashing of cultures, Skopje’s rich and diverse history dates back at least six millennia.

Explore the city and its surroundings

Skopje is the capital of the Republic of North Macedonia, the city that lies in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, at the crossroad of important communications, a city with 2000 years old tradition.

Skopje is a modern city with a population of almost one million and presents Macedonia’s major political, economic, educational, and cultural center. It continues to focus on new residents, economic development, construction, and refurbishment. Skopje urban area extends across the Skopje valley for approximately 30 kilometers (18.75 mi) in width and comprises 10 municipalities.

Skopje is also a very attractive tourist destination with its fortress, cultural and historical monuments, archaeological sites, sports halls, caves in the canyon of the River Treska and Lake Matka, and a health spa in the eastern part of the city. Skopje is steadily becoming a vital regional route for international flight operators. The town with the beautiful quay of the Macedonian river “Vardar”, the narrow streets in the Old Bazaar which is the biggest bazaar preserved in the Balkans today, the town is internationally famous for being the birthplace of Mother Teresa.

It has blossomed into a thriving, stimulating city to explore, defining itself as an exciting tourist destination with the 1500 years old fortress Kale and monastery St. Pantelejmon with the fresco” Lamentation of Christ”, with the first signs of the Renaissance, the Islamic monuments Sultan Murat’s- Hjunkar Mosque, the Daut Pasha’s bath.